Creatives Celebrate Creativity, Diversity and Unity

You appreciate creativity at work and understand the importance of children’s creative development. The “creativity revolution” sparked by the International Child Art Foundation some twenty years ago calls for worldwide nurturing of creativity and imbuing it with empathy, since creativity and empathy are building blocks for university prosperity and peace.

The WCF is the only event of its kind in the world where highly creative and imaginative children come together from across the United States and a hundred other countries to learn and become inspired to make the world better.

The WCF educational programming is based on STEAMS Education℠, the ICAF’s pioneering approach that integrates STEM disciplines with art and culture (signified by the "A") and sport and play (the "S") for children’s holistic development.

Each day the educational focus is different: July 2nd is Health & Environment Day, July 3rd is Creativity & Imagination Day, and July 4th is Peace & Leadership Day.

The WCF offers you a timely opportunity to help shape the future. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Festival Volunteer: You can help plan and stage the WCF. Email us about your special creative talents.
  • Host Family: If you reside in the Greater Washington Area, you and your family can host one Arts Olympiad winner and one parent at your home for the festival week.
  • Workshop or Activity: You can propose to host a one-hour workshop or a two-hour activity for the children.
  • Support: You could help the children and their World Festival by making a donation today.
  • Sponsor: Your company could make its mark on The National Mall and in children’s hearts.

To come to the WCF is easy. Take the Metro to the Smithsonian and the WCF is right there! Bring along your sunscreen lotion, a blanket to lay on the grass, and water to drink. The Smithsonian Museums have plenty of food outlets for lunch or snack. The WCF will be a memorable experience for you, your family and friends. You must arrive at 10:00 am to be a part of the festival opening ceremony and stay until 7:00 pm, participating in scores of workshops and activities each day.

You can shop for WCF merchandize and help spread the word.

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