Parents Celebrate Creativity, Diversity and Unity

About 60% of CEOs have cited creativity as the most important quality for tomorrow’s leaders, while 35% say it is global thinking.

The International Child Art Foundation was founded in 1997 to nurture the creativity of children, so they grow up to be innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs. The World Children’s Festival provides your children an opportunity to foster their creativity and develop global thinking in a setting of global community.

The WCF2015 will take place in Washington from June 30th to July 4th. It commences with a three-day educational festival (June 30th to July 2nd) at The Ellipse—“President’s Park” south of The White House, followed by an awards banquet (July 3rd), and ends with a communal celebration (July 4th) at The National Mall.

Each day’s educational focus is different: June 30th is Health & Environment Day, July 1st is Creativity & Imagination Day, and July 2nd is Peace & Leadership Day. The WCF Opening Ceremony takes place on Tuesday, June 30th at 10:00 at The Ellipse, followed by workshops, activities, and continuous performances on the “World Stage” until 7:00 pm. On Wednesday, July 1st the WCF is open from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm. On Thursday, July 2nd, the WCF opens at 10:00 am but closes at 5:00 pm with a drumming circle ceremony.

These three-days are like an awesome summer-camp for your child. The WCF is actually an educational festival that aims to enhance your child’s creative potential and foster empathy in a setting of global community. Eminent educators and field experts host scores of workshops and activities each day.

  • Your young musicians and performers can apply to showcase their talents on the “World Stage”
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  • You can embrace the children and their world festival with a donation today.
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  • You can bring your family to the World Children’s Awards Banquet on Friday, July 3rd.
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  • You can purchase WCF2015 merchandize for your favorite child.
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